The government needs to put more disabled play equipment in playgrounds across the UK

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Hi, My name is Suzanna, I am a mother to a 6 year old boy with acute brain damage and I need your HELP!!!!!!!!!

I have a disabled son aged 6, also a daughter, 3 years with no disabilities and believe me, it is very hard to find places to go for day outings that are idea for both children.

But just a little trip now and then to the local Playground would be lovely, but pointless for us as there is nothing for my son to play on due to being in a wheelchair.

Now, I know there is plenty of disabled equipment out there for disabled children as I have seen them funded for disabled centers,which again these centers are very limited and hard to find, as they are mainly charities and can only gain disabled equipment though fundraising and grants.

I would like to see the UK Parliament arrange to build some disabled play equipment in local Playgrounds, so all children able and disabled can play together, this also will be knowledge and understand for children that are not disabled, giving them the chance to play with disabled children, this will give the families with a disabled members a little bit more varieties in there local area.

So I want to start a petition to see if this can happen and to make the UK playgrounds more inviting for the disabled. 

It must be hard being disabled, especially if you are a child, all they want to do is to be able to have some fun, learn and play in their local playground like other children, so help them be a child and have fun, please sign this petition and make a change for the disabled children.

I done a little research on the internet and this is what I found:

Disabled kids  'shut out of playgrounds'

A new report says half of disabled children have been turned away from playgrounds or playgroups in England and Wales.

Research was carried out by one of the UK's leading disability charities, Sense. They say many play settings are not accessible to children with multiple needs.

The report blames a lack of money to pay for the facilities, as well as negative attitudes towards children with disabilities.

The charity say that not being able to access play facilities "means that disabled children don't have the same chance to form friendships".

They hope that more money will be spent on improving facilities and services for children with disabilities. Click here to read more

Play is also important to disabled children.

Disabled children are being locked out of playgrounds and play centres, 

The inquiry for the charity Sense found 51% of disabled children had been turned away from play groups.

And 95 % of parents felt their kids did not have the same opportunity to play as other children, while 82% said they had difficulty finding places in play groups. Click here to read more

We want to play too 

The parks service has let disabled children down by not including them or their families in consultations and by not assessing their needs to make parks fully inclusive.

Play opportunities for disabled children in the borough are very limited and those opportunities that do exist have limited numbers, and/or are aimed specifically at one type of disability with strict access criteria, mainstream provision is considered to be very expensive and is often difficult to access without support. Click here to read more

I  see so many playgrounds without disabled equipment in my local area, i just want my child to be able to have that little bit of fun without having to travel a distance to it. Do you also have a playground with limited or no disabled play equipment in you local area too?