The choice to donate your Cord Blood should be available on the NHS in all UK hospitals!

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I believe donating cord blood and tissue when you have a baby is a fantastic and worthy thing to do , but the choice to do so via the NHS is only available at 6 Hospitals in the country ! You can also contact the Anthony Nolan Trust , but they only collect from 4 different hospitals.

I believe every woman should have the right to choose what she does with her baby's cord blood, and in the majority of hospitals across the UK we arent given the choice and the cords and placenta are just thrown away. This is wasting valuable resources that could be used to save another child's life ! 

Cord blood is currently used to help fight/cure over 80 different diseases : 11 types of cancer, 8 blood disorders, 16 bone marrow disorders, 16 metabolic disorders and 17 immunodeficiencies among many other diseases and disorders that plague people's lives on a daily basis. It may be used , but we need more hospitals to accept donations so there will always be a ready supply.

Unfortunately, for people like me whos local hospitals do not accept cord blood donation , we are left with 2 choices : privately bank our cord blood for a cost of over £2000 with yearly extortionate storage rental fees and no hope of donating it to another family, or let it go to waste.

Unfortunately , for alot of families in the UK, we have to choose the latter option due to lack of a spare £2000. Who has that sort of money lying around in the process of preparing for a baby?

Every woman should be given the choice to save someone else's life , and we are not . 

Please help me change this and make Public NHS Cord Blood Donation available in every hospital across the UK.