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The BBC is no longer impartial: campaign to make the licence fee voluntary

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In my youth (I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s), I can remember the BBC being a very balanced, impartial, objective imparter of news, argument and coverage of all views across the political spectrum.  Today, it is absolutely clear that the BBC is not impartial, and it shows in many ways:

1) they demonstrate consistently a lack of equal exposure/ coverage to views they disagree with.  This was clear in the Scottish first referendum, Brexit, and more recently in general elections

2) Watching the BBC, you can see it most often reporting negative coverage of views it does not agree with, and their topical programmes like Dateline London, Question Time, Newsnight, The Big Questions, Daily Politics, and especially comedy shows and breakfast shows, there is quite clearly a left wing-"progressive" agenda, and the amount of airtime they give to people throwing out often libellous and slanderous generalisations like: "far right, racists, fascists, xenophobes, etc." is in my mind, utterly deplorable and very imbalanced.  It is interesting how the BBC regularly reports, for instance, on "far right" groups and, yet, anyone walking around London or any other major metropolis of the UK will regularly see civil unrest and violence perpetrated by far left organisations!  Nothing is covered on these at all.  By the way: I am not "far..." ...anything, just to point out

3) It is clear that BBC journalists are all too often giving their "opinion".  As a viewer, I am not in the slightest bit interested in a journalist's opinion: I am interested in objective facts and evidence, and I will come to a judgement as to how I process the information, as I think everyone else should have the right to do

4) the BBC is peddling this nauseating "tolerance, respect, offence" mentality: a core bedrock set of principles of one side of politics.  These are NOT values, and I will not be lectured to as if they are values of this country either.  Tolerance has boundaries: there are some actions and behaviours I have ZERO tolerance of.  My respect is EARNED: it is not an entitlement.  I do not care one jot how offended a person gets: offence is taken, not given.  My view: grow up, grow a spine.  The BBC is NOT privileged to tell the British Public what to or how to think.  I am not going to spend my life trying to mind read how offended a person's feelings might get: neither should anyone else

5) the bias over the EU in/ out referendum is utterly clear for anyone with 2 or more brain cells and functioning synapses.  The BBC has hung its flag on one mast.  This means the BBC is not representative or balanced on this issue.  Most topical news programmes often focus airtime on predominantly on what guests perceive as negative matters surrounding leaving the EU, whilst fear and scaremongering are peddled as a way of trying to change the public mood post election, in my opinion.  BBC: many people out there KNOW Maastricht, KNOW Lisbon, and KNOW the history of the EU today from the days of the Coal & Steel treaty back in the 50s.  We know it is political union and not exclusively about trade.  We know about terms such as Declaration 17 in the Lisbon Treaty giving away legal supremacy of nation states to the ECJ of the centralised EU: a huge CONSTITUTIONAL change in black and white.  Stop giving dominance of time to those who quite clearly insult the intelligence of the general public

Due to the BBC's apparent choice to peddle a set of political views that many studies have demonstrated are aired far more than any others which, by definition, represents "imbalanced" coverage, I as a citizen now want an opt out of the BBC entirely.  And if I lose the BBC from the screen, I do not care frankly.  

Please support and have your say.  My overall belief is that THE public broadcaster MUST be seen to be demonstrating absolute impartiality and objectivity, even in entertainment, which is very difficult to see when you have a complete panel of very left wing leaning comedians calling everyone who does not vote left of centre, "racists" all the time in Mock the Week, for instance!

Vote for your right to opt out of paying the BBC licence fee now.

Thank you.


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