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Teresa May step down as Prime minister and leader of the conservative party.

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To Prime minister Teresa May,

You had decided to call a snap general election at a point where the nation was already feeling a tight squeeze from all the cut backs. You called the general election even though you said yourself that you wouldn't and at a time where brexit looms over the UK. You selfishly wanted to strengthen your own hand and put forward your mandate for a hard brexit at the surprise of the UK population.

Having utterly failed in your quest, the UK population was not so willing to support you and your pathetic excuse of a manifesto. Your campaign was met with vocal jeers form thousands of people.

You have proved you are not a good leader as you have backtracked on your own so called "dementia tax" highlighted in your manifesto. This proves you run away at the slightest hint of a backlash therefore are not the person to go negotiating the terms of brexit.

You said at the start of the snap general election that if you lost 6 seats it would be disastrous and you would consider resignation. This has not been the case as you have stubbornly decided to carry on even though you failed to gain a commons majority resulting in a hung parliament.

The young population for the UK who had come out in vast numbers do not support you. Your poor performance and negotiating record is not what this country needs. Your policies only support the few whilst the rest of the UK population suffers. You can not form a strong or stable government.

We do not need your apologies for how disastrous your outcome has been. We therefore ask that you consider your position as the leader of the conservative party regarding the future of our country and hand in your resignation.


Thank you.

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