Teresa May must resign from office, after her felonious bypass of parliamentary procedure

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Teresa May has made a declaration of war, via airstrike with no authority to, and to the ire of the people and the parliament of the nation, she's supposed to represent. This is erroneous to the mandates of international law, and Ironically a day before the OPCW was due to conduct an investigation. This -were it that the shoe was on the other foot- would be tantamount to war crime, and irrespective of the validity of the claims (which in its self is contentious at best, at the time of the attack,) is clearly not in the national interests of Britain, which should come before the moronic whims of a reality tv star. I believe if it were true, then these measures were reasonable, crippling the Military infrastructure is a fine tactical device, but pretending that because it hasn't had any reported civilian casualties, it isn't helping to facilitate more instability and is not in the interests of Islamist forces in Syria is wholly unreasonable.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iran, Libya. These are just five countries where armed intervention was quite effective and lead directly to the power vacuum that is instrumental in the creation of; al-nazra, Isis, Al-Qaeda, Wahabbi, Hezbollah and the tyrannical regimes of the Saudi's (which people like to forget are essentially US-sponsored terrorists indebted with a rogue state.) Syria is the dying breath of a socio-political climate we created and bombing Syria, to stop Syria from bombing Syria, is as much of a non-sequitur as you can get, really.

As a nation, we have the duty, the responsibility and the moral and ethical obligation to stop May and her ignominious governmental regime from circumventing the political, democratic procedure set out to ensure peace and declaring war against parliamentary procedure and the will and interests of Britain, I digress entirely that Assad is a morally indignant and vile dictator bent on causing more devastation in his own nation, that being said the various apparatus of political and international procedure should always take precedence over the whims of one government, how can other nations take us seriously as a peacemaking  nation when we circumvent the very rights and responsabilities that we stand for.

May has to go.

Please sign this petition even if you agree with these attacks because you must also agree that ignoring the procedure, by which, our great nation stands and has done for the greater part of a millennium shouldn't be cast Aside at the orders of any Prime minister.