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Teach politics in schools. Make politics part of the curriculum.

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Voting is one of the most important things anyone can do to implement change; locally, nationally & in how we connect with the rest of the world. So why are there so few working class people in Politics & in Parliament? Because politics & the democratic process that so many generations have fought for is not taught in school! Maybe because the established power baselines it that way. How can we teach an understanding of different religions in our schools but not politics? 

Young people currently vote at 18 but this could be dropped to 16. However young people aren't using their vote because they simply don't understand politics & how it can be a force for change.  Our Country has predominantly been under the control of the privileged privately educated who have never experienced the reality & struggles of the working class in our Country. Surely politics is one of the most important subjects & the solution to so many problems we see around us every day. Its time to put democracy under the ownership of the majority not the minority. Its time to demand that the political process & how it effects change be a part of the school curriculum. Please sign & share this petition so that the next generation knows how to make change in our world. Thank you. 

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