Suspend Student Accommodation rent as Universities closed due to the CoronaVirus lockdown

Suspend Student Accommodation rent as Universities closed due to the CoronaVirus lockdown

2 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Isabelle Mainprize

We are asking the UK Government to:

1: An agreement enabling students to cancel all University student accomodation contracts for the academic year 2019-20
2: Make provision for the safe storage and collection of student belongings when safe to do so
3: Reduced rents for those remaining in student halls or private student accomodation, due to the reduction in services offered during lockdown


Whilst the Government has provided unprecedented financial support to many citizens and businesses within the UK during these difficult times, it has left the UK's University Students unprotected financially after ordering the closure of the countries Universities.

The majority of students are still being asked to pay for the rental of properties the can not inhabit, as they have returned to the safety of their parental home during the pandemic, whilst the Universities are closed.

Many students rely on part time work in the restaurant and leisure industries to support themselves and make rent payments. Many are struggling financially due to the economic effects of the CoronaVirus, and are not eligible for Universal Credit.

Some students have their rent paid in full or part by their parents, many of which will be furloughed on 80% of their income, many are self employed and struggling to manage their cash flow in these uncertain fiscal times.

The private landlords can get a 3 month payment holiday from their mortgage lender, this is not even being offered to the majority of Students, who are expected to pay their termly rent upfront next week.

Most, if not all student accomodation contracts DO NOT contain a force majeure clause, and if they do it does not contain provisions for a pandemic.

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Signatures: 281Next Goal: 500
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