Suspend and investigate Sadiq Khan for impeding the activity of the Metropolitan Police

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In the recent attacks on London, both the Westminster and the London Bridge attacks, we have seen an incredible level of incompetence and blunder from London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
While Sadiq Khan seems very eager to act as if he owns London, his actions including stopping the highly effective "Stop and Search" have significantly increased the number of violent crimes in London.
In April 2017 the Guardian reported:
 "Overall, crime in the capital was up 4.5% to nearly 774,737 offences, with 16.72% counted as solved, down from 18.8% the previous year."
Gun crime is up 42%, knife crime is up 24% and acid attacks are up 74% under Sadiq Khan's "leadership".
By dropping his pledge to have 32000 police officers Sadiq Khan is endangering the City of London and the security of Britain.
By fighting against Stop and Search he has sabotaged the capacity of the Met to meet and counter terrorist attacks like the ones on Westminster and London Bridge.
Crimes unheard of, like acid attacks have become commonplace in a London ran by Sadiq Khan, whose main concern seems to be hostile tweeting at the nation's allies rather than keeping London safe.

We the undersigned demand that the Parliament undertakes an inquiry into Sadiq Khan's actions as Mayor, and should he be found guilty, call for new elections for London and send him to trial.