Suspend all rent and bills during the pandemic

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Our country is currently facing the greatest crisis it has faced for a generation. The economy is being propped up by people that cannot currently afford to stop working even though the government's advice is to limit social interaction, or work from home. We cannot expect minimum wage workers to continue to put their lives and more importantly the lives of those vulnerable that they are will be responsible for on the line.

With restaurants, pubs, and social spaces shutting down many of the minimum wage workers will have little to no income. These people are to be the hardest hit. Rent, mortgage, and bills must be suspended until we are out of this pandemic. The government cannot, should not, expect its citizens to continue with life as if nothing has changed when they literally have no source of income because the government itself has told the populace to avoid those businesses.

These are the people that will keep the shelves stocked, deliver the food, deliver the medicine and equipment needed to keep the NHS running. We cannot place the extra burden of an unstable future upon them whilst expecting them to prop this country up. A freeze to bills, rent, and mortgage repayments must happen now.