Supporting John Bercow MP as Speaker of the House of Commons

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John Simon Bercow MP has been the Speaker of the House of Commons since June 2009. He concurrently serves as the Member of Parliament for Buckingham.

As Speaker, he has regularly proved himself to be an excellent chair of the debates of the UK Parliament in what have been very difficult times since the EU Referendum in 2016.

He has a great deal of knowledge and experience of the legal and political precedents by which we are governed in the UK, and has always acted fair-handedly but firmly when necessary, speaking truth to power, and always with a light and light-hearted touch whenever possible.

Because of the highly tense atmosphere in the country and in the House of Commons, over the past three years, there are many who would seek to have him unceremoniously - perhaps even unonstitutionally - removed from office.

This would be a travesty, and a great loss to the British political system, where he is often the only voice of calm in the maelstrom that is the present political situation.

We, the undersigned, fully support Mr Bercow staying in office as Speaker of the House of Commons until such time as he chooses to retire, in accordance with established custom and practice.