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Caribbean people came over to the UK between the 1940s and 1960s after they were invited by England to help rebuilt it after world war one and two.  Once the West Indians arrived off the ship they were subject to racism often facing racial slurs in the streets, discrimination and racial inequality such as sign posts in shops that read "no blacks no dogs and no Irish".

Many of these Carribean people have worked hard since their arrival to the UK, paying taxes and building families and communities over decades.  They came into this country as British citizens being that Jamacia was a common wealth country at that time.  For them to now face potential deportation and loss of their rights as British citizens is frightening, unethical and obsurd. 

Families could be pulled apart many of the person's of the Windrush came over as small children and have known only British life since their formative years.  Removing these elders from their spouces, children, grandchildren and communities is inhumane, saddening and a big step back for our multicultural wonderful nation.

I care so much because this could have been my grandfather who came here in the 1940's had he not been deceesed.  It could effect many of the elders I've grown up with in my community.  Some are too old to know where to start with paper work and have been here over half a century.  Let's come together to put a stop to this hatred! 

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