Stop Violence & Abuse Against Chinese & Asian People

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Many Chinese and Asian people have suffered racism their whole lives.  However, since the beginning of COVID-19, Chinese people have been at the forefront of non-sensical abuse, attacks, violence & more.  Other Asian groups of people have been targeted too.  Businesses have been vandalised/robbed or worse but most importantly, many people have been hurt and now feel unsafe.

This is not acceptable and we should not stand by while it happens.  We call for local goverments to take action against racism.  We call for an end to the scaremongering and ignorant statements further broadcast by newspapers and media.  We call for more investigations/arrests for hate crimes and for racist offenders to be listed, registered and publicly known.  We call for more policing in densly populated Chinese and Asian communities.  We call on people to speak out in the fight against racism and for our Parliament to support us in doing this.  

Lack of education combined with hatred fuel these attacks and it is not okay for people to react with violence, prejudice or anger.  Right now we need more education, empathy and positivity.  We need to protect each other, we need to educate each other and we need to unite.  

If we turn against one another we will let racism win and we will let division win.  If history has taught us anything it has taught us that working together collectively is the best way forward.  Yet the world still stands so divided?  

Don't let division win, let's stand together and end it now!