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Stop the selling of Home Dopplers and Apps "recording" fetal heartbeat

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You may of seen these home dopplers that can "record" your babies heartbeats? I have heard stories of woman using them... and getting 146bpm... great right? No. They weren't even pregnant. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and two angel babies. I am petitioning for the selling of home dopplers in U.K. stores to be STOPPED. Why? This is my story...

My partner and I had our first baby in November 2015, and I stupidly bought a Home Doppler for reassurance for when I didn't see my community midwife or had an antenatal appointment... luckily, Emilie (our daughter) was ok, but I went into labour at 36 weeks.

Everything was fine, then I found out I was expecting, again, and I decided to use my doppler for reassurance... surely as it worked the first time, it would be ok now? No. And how wrong I was...

We found out we were expecting another little girl, Maisie. And I repeatedly used my doppler, even, stupidly, telling my community midwife that everything was ok and she had a strong heartbeat. But it wasn't ok... at all.

In the end, I went into labour at 30 weeks, and was given steroids to help Maisie become and little bit stronger and her lungs develop more maturely. I STILL USED MY DOPPLER.

At one point, they were ready to send me to Plymouth as that was my nearest NICU... then it was going to be Liverpool... I was on constant CTGs and being monitored around the clock... I spent 3 weeks in hospital in total, and my waters went at 34 weeks. However, something wasn't right... Maisie wasn't moving as much... hardly at all... but her heartbeat could be heard through my doppler, so of course she was ok. Right? Wrong.

Maisie arrived last December 2016, 6 weeks premature, weighing 5lbs 1oz (big for a preemie, the steroids helped)... but she had the cord wrapped around her neck, cutting of her airways... she was struggling for breath and was rushed to the neonatal unit at Worcester Royal Hospital... we then spent 3 and a half weeks, including Christmas Day, in NICU, wondering when we were coming home. I was leaving my house at 7am and doing a 2 hour round trip to the hospital EVERYDAY. 

But why did I let it come to this? Surely, her heartbeat was pumping away... I could head it myself? The midwife and consultant informed us that if she wasn't born that day, then Maisie wouldn't be here today.

Now I ask you... why would midwives go through intensive training, learning to read CTGs and heartbeats... even the smallest warning signs, when you could just go and buy a doppler from a UK shop for £25.00 or even worse buy an APP for £6.00?

I wouldn't want any mother going through what I have too. So I am asking Teresa May and the UK parliament to stop the selling of home dopplers in UK stores... to save heartache... and most of all our babies lives.

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