Stop The Retaliation!

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Due to the atrocities caused by extremists, for me there is one solution that will unite our nation and significantly reduce anymore mindless, sickening terrorist attacks....that is to immediately deport any known non British and detain any British of the 3000 linked to terrorism, well documented in the mainstream media. The British people need to see something being done to stop these mindless attacks on innocent lives.

Holding 'Emergency Cobra Meetings' everytime an attack has occurred is not going to solve the problem we face in Britain today. I feel by deporting or detaining the known suspects linked to terrorist would be a start. This would at least restore some faith in British society of all faiths and religions and unite the nation once again if we see some action being taken!

Please sign and share this petition if you want the same as I do...a safer democracy and action taken against individuals linked to terrorism known by the authorities.