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Stop the proposed ban on new combustion engines

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Billions of people depend on the internal combustion engine every day. Whether you're commuting, shopping, dropping the kids off, delivering, taxi-ing, bus driving, farming, going on holiday, lorry driving, building, saving lives...

And that's just using them. Think of all the people that design, manufacture and maintain them. The implications of a 'cliff edge' ban on the internal combustion engine in new cars would be horrendous. We simply do not have the infrastructure nor will we even by 2040 to accommodate an overnight switch to electric cars. Can we build a few more nuclear power stations by then? The current nuclear power station design and build programme takes decades.

New technology needs to be phased in to allow people and business time to adapt and change - banning new internal combustion engine cars will not achieve this. Current petrol and diesel technologies are cleaner and more efficient than ever, why should we turn our backs on them?

It was arguably one of the most pivotal inventions in human history and combined with another one, the wheel, has moved human development on leaps and bounds. It now looks like we need to fight to keep it in our lives. So make your voice heard and sign this petition.

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