Stop the Over Sedation of Patients with Delirium in the NHS

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My 71 year old father was admitted into the Glasgow Royal Infirmary on June 28th 2018 with delirium. He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and within 6 weeks had lost almost 20 lbs, lost the ability to walk, talk and use the washroom on his own due to over sedation. Our family was repeatedly told he was "settled" when asked to speak to him and that he was "anxious" at night hence the reason for sedation. Over the next 6 weeks he was placed in a general ward (Ward 11 at the GRI) and would choke on his food in the hospital leading to aspiration pneumonia, would receive almost no physiotherapy to encourage him to walk and be seen by a psychiatrist only weekly to deal with "delirium" something the NHS apparently has "control" over. My father passed away on August 16th, 2018 with delirium and pneumonia written on his death certificate. My family and I want justice for my father and for all patients who are being overly sedated in NHS hospitals. The NHS is failing at coping with delirious patients in their hospitals and immediate change is needed before another life is taken.