Stop the misleading information from skincare brands about their plastic reduction

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120 billion units of packaging from products are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry.

We recognise that there is no perfect brand in the skincare industry, but our research shows a lot of brands are reluctant to disclose exactly what goes into their packaging and products or how much plastic they have actually reduced from their business. They also lead us to believe that recyclable products and packaging are the way forward, when plastic reduction is what they really need to achieve. This can mislead people to believe they are buying from brands that are actually less environmentally friendly than they make themselves out to be. This is what we want to change.

We want greater transparency from skincare brands on what plastics they use and how much they have actively reduced, so people know exactly what they are buying and can make better, more informed choices. Therefore we are asking skincare brands to clearly publish exactly what plastics they use and how much they have currently reduced.

If enough people sign our petition, we can make a positive change in the skincare industry and set an example for other industries to follow. If we start small and think big, together we can make change happen.