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My sister was admitted on the 8th of April, she was finding it difficult to breath, she’s had asthma attack’s before and has been admitted into ICU and after a week or two she would recover. Doctors suspected it was corona and  they did x rays and diagnosed her with bronchitis and pneumonia, she tested negative for the coronavirus. My brother was with her up until 4 am that night, she had recovered, her breathing had improved and she was laughing and talking. The staff there did not let him stay with her and said he had to come back in the morning, She was given a combination of morphine and sedatives and the doctors stopped treating her, we were told on the 9th April at 11:00 am that her condition had deteriorated and that it was common for a person to recover and then deteriorate all of a sudden, we weren’t aware she was being given sedatives and the doctors did not ask for permission before administering it, we were only made aware after she had passed away that she was being given sedatives. 

That afternoon I spoke with the doctor overseeing her care and I was told they could not admit her into ICU and that the staff at ICU had refused to treat her as she did not meet the requirements, she DID NOT meet the requirements because she was DISABLED and had learning difficulties. My brother was by her side all day, he left around 8:00pm and came back within 30 mins she was gone, they chose not to treat her, the NHS are murdering people, it’s illegal to euthanise people in the UK. 

After she passed away, I contacted the brearley wing and I asked the nurse who was taking care of her “louise” a few questions, when did her condition deteriorate, what happened? 

I was told that when she was in the high dependency unit AMU that night doctors had decided to stop her treatment and to give her morphine and sedatives, my brother was with her until 4:00 in the morning she had recovered, she was breathing fine and talking, the nurses forced him into leaving and decided to make that decision to end her life with painkillers and sedatives. None of the family were aware of what she’d been given until after she had passed away. They stopped her treatment and moved her to the brearley wing, my brother rang for an update around 5:00am and spoke with Beverley who said she was doing fine, she was breathing ok and her sugar levels were normal, her temperature was ok. When he next spoke to them at 11:00 in the morning, he was told her condition had deteriorated all of a sudden and when he arrived they said we don’t think she’s going to make it, he was never made aware that her treatment had been stopped or that they were giving her sedatives, after she was sedated she never woke up again after that.

The doctors could have treated this, she had bronchitis and pneumonia, she’s had asthma attacks previously and has been treated in the ICU with immobilisers and oxygen, she was provided with the treatment she needed and she survived, I believe if they had actually bothered to give her treatment, she would have survived. She was a fighter, she’s had two life threatening asthma attacks in the past and has been treated at ICU and has always recovered from it. 

The NHS need to be stopped, there killing people off, discontinuing treatment and administrating a combination of morphine and sedatives to end people’s lives, every life is precious and the NHS need to respect that, if this was a doctor, consultant or a nurse whose family member was fighting for there life, would they still make that decision to discontinue treatment? 

Boris Johnson was in ICU four days and he was given treatment, he had nurses beside him 24 hours, yet they refused to take my sister, WHY? 
Because he was the prime minister and she wasn’t important enough to save !! 

NHS staff should be held accountable for there actions, I want Justice for my sister !!! 

I want to raise awareness of what doctors are doing behind closed doors, everyone is clapping for the NHS, apparently there saving lives, NO there ENDING LIVES !! 

Before my sister left on a stretcher with the paramedics, she clapped. She said there going to help me, I’m going to get better, she had that faith in them and they let her down. 

As a family we wanted this investigated, we were told an autopsy would need to be done and the body would not be released until a few weeks if we wanted this to be looked into, we were told her body would not be released, with muslim burial’s the body needs to be buried within 24 hours and we did not want her to suffer anymore and just lay her to rest, We could not get this investigated further as the hospital was blackmailing us and threatening not to release the body if that was the course of action we wanted to take. It was as if they were holding her body hostage as a negotiation tool, if we wanted this looked into then we would not get her body until they decided when ! 

I spoke with the bereavement services team from the NHS and was told her test results for Covid - 19 had come back negative, a minute later the person I was speaking too said her results had not come back and that she had misunderstood the doctor, I chased this up on numerous occasions and was told her results have apparently not come back, yet when I was speaking to NHS staff, I was told the doctor had just bleeped and they were stating her results were negative, I could hear this conversation as the phone was NOT muted ! I was told the results were NEGATIVE and they were stating the reason for death on the death certificate was  Bronchitis and pneumonia. 

We have laid our loved one to rest and now we want JUSTICE for her, we want justice for NAZMIN.