Stop Taking Advantage Of Vulnerable People

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Please take the time to read my full statement in order to really acknowledge the severity of this situation.

My family, along with many other innocent and vulnerable families are often too frightened to stand up for their rights and to challenge large corporations in Court, even when they have been clearly wronged in cases of blatant Fraud. This is due to the founded fear that these Corporations can afford expensive lawyers to intimidate and bully Litigants in Person who simply wish for Justice to take place and to claim back their lives, into dropping the Fraud aspects of their case. 

We are living in a world where a starving individual will face prosecution for stealing food to feed himself but large Corporations are committing daylight robbery and getting away with it. Why? Because they can afford to, because expensive lawyers will help to cover their tracks and because they can all too often influence the Justice System into brushing their fraudulent acts under the carpet. 

I am writing to you as a single parent with a severe disability who has been abused mentally, physically, verbally and financially. I have been threatened to be shot if l did not give mandates to certain people involved in this case.

I am a victim of a Fraud. My house in Barnet, London caught fire on 1st May 2008 due to faulty electric wiring six months after l purchased it.

I called a loss assessor who appointed their surveyor and builders and with the help of someone in my insurance company (Royal & Sun Alliance). They inflated the claim and stole £250,000.00 of my insurance money instead of spending it on reconstructing my house.

My two children (who were aged 9 and 20) and l were forced to move back into an uninhabitable house while l was repairing it with slowly, using my own funds. We did not have running water, toilet, electricity or kitchen for six months. We were using local coffee shops toilets, were going swimming pools for showering and eating ready foods. We were all sharing a room for a while. This had a very negative impact on all of us. My son developed a lump on his leg due to dust and he had to have an operation to remove it when he was 9 years old. He fell behind his school work and failed the entry exam by few points to study at Queen Elizabeth Boys School. He had severe Alopecia at the age of 15, he is now 20 and he is still completely bald without any eyebrows or eyelashes. My disability has gotten worse and we all suffered mentally,needing to see a psychologist regularly.

I have reported this to the police but they did not want to get involved.

I have instructed Surveyors and Engineers to give us a report so l could take the matter to court but RSA and Crawford & Co bribed them and they gave us a wrong report. This may sound far fetched but I have a witness statement from my builder who was also bribed, who thankfully turned it down. I have instructed lawyers but they gave us wrong advise, I have instructed a barrister but the barrister exchanged our Claim Form at court, she wiped off our pleading and replaced it with a blank Claim Form without my signature, which the court accepted and served on the Defendants and granted their Application to strike out for receiving unsigned Claim Form from us.

We have been trying to get justice at the Royal Court of Justice since 2014 but we have been bullied by expensive lawyers and have been forced to drop the Fraud aspect of our claim which was against our wishes and I believe this to be against the law.

Please help me to get Justice. These people could run away with the £250,000.00 and leave an innocent family with hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees as well as the damage they have already caused. Litigants in person who are not given legal aid have no option but to drop their lives in order to learn to represent themselves against these giants.

We need to let Corporations know that if they wrong innocent people, they MUST come to Justice and face the consequences like us citizens do!