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Stop Social Services Abusing Their Powers & The Law

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We are just one of the 16,000 families being targeted by Social Services in the United Kingdom. It has come to our observation and much research that we are not the only family where Social Services are abusing their powers but also the Law, to prey on families that have either been in care or have had social involvement when they was younger. Also how the prey on vulnerable and disabled parents, Single and Young Parents, Parents that have been victims of Domestic and Sexual Abuse. 

It has come to light that Social Services are using one reason to take children from loving and caring families. This one reason has to change!! They apply to the courts stating there is risk of future emotional and or physical abuse. This is with no supporting evidence in most cases 92% of the time. This is like saying to a court to ban all drivers from driving that own a mobile phone for the risk of using it in the future while behind the wheel

Many families who have done nothing wrong are being traumatised by intrusive investigations by Social Services. This leads to death in some cases not only during but the devastated parents take their own lives and some over 5s take their own life.

Social workers make unprecedented reports based on approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes one -to-one with a parent, without their children being present. (How can you put a report before the court regarding how a person is able to parent with only 1 hour 45 minutes and with no children present) The amount of lies that go into reports that get put before a judge as evidence is astonishing.

How can parents be assessed on their parenting abilities when local authorities put so much stress and pressure on them. While this is being done most Social Workers only spend 4-5 hours talking to a child and parent but in most cases it is less time than this.

Whilst they prey on the families that do not in actual fact require Social involvement the families that neglect their children and abuse them get brushed under the carpet.

From 1995 the number of under 5s adoptions in the UK through forcible adoptions was 560 in 2012 the number had quadrupled to a staggering 2240, 1140 of these was forcible. Local Authorities receive £27,000 every time it places a single child into adoption. This is practically taking children pound for pound, one of the worst councils for this is Cornwall Council.

Many children are being removed from their families on the bases of incomplete and inadequate and sometimes inaccurate evidence fabricated by schools, GP's and Social Workers.

All councils in the UK are working over their means of capacity and their case load now exceeds what children services can reasonably manage (as told by Social Workers) by taking on so many families and placing healthy loved and cared for children into the care system, and this needs to STOP.

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