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Aged car owners and drivers, 60 years and above, are very careful on our roads more than most young car drivers. They are less involved in accidents on the roads when compared with the rates for young people. Driving gives many aged people some measure of independence.  Due to huge insurance, road tax, and MOT costs, many aged people often find it difficult to maintain their cars.

The cancellation of road tax for aged people will help to reduce their financial burdens.  Many often have to sell their vehicles because of their financial situations. A relation of mine, who retired recently but who is still able to drive very well, had to sell his car because of low income.  Many aged people also have young people who are either still in secondary schools or in the universities. 

It is known that in years to come, cars will start using electricity. There are some types of cars today that do not attract Road Tax while some pay intangible road tax because of new technologies compared to the huge amount other types of cars pay. What will happen to road tax then? 

I hereby appeal on behalf of nearly 4 million aged drivers in the UK for a cancellation of the Road Tax.

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