Stop Richard Branson get a state funded bailout

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I believe it is morally wrong for Richard Branson and his company virgin group to receive a state funded bailout. He and his company’s pay no tax in the uk, also most of his companies are also heavily funded by the tax payer through government subsidies. The reason for this is because the virgin group business model is to enter into government funded business which come with subsidies ie virgin trains, health and banking. They got northern rock at a knock down price. Maybe he should moth ball his virgin galactic folly, which is basically supplying space flight for his rich friends with no benefit for other normal citizens. Some Commentators Believe that because of the situation we find are selfs in that there is going to be some fundamental changes to society. If this bailout was to go ahead then surely this would be a sign that it is just business as  usual for business and government. What a slap in the face for front line workers