Stop persecution of Muslims in India

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The level of violence and persecution against Muslims —and other religious minorities—in India is vast and shocking. Led by radical Hindu nationalists, who seem to operate with impunity and little interference from local, regional or national governments, persecution against Muslims and other minorities in India has reached epidemic levels.

A rise in far-right extremist groups—some of whom have links to armed radical groups—have clearly resulted in a sharp spike in violent incidents, and overall persecution against religious minorities. Radical Hindu nationalism in India is vocal, omnipresent and very violent. For these radicals, to be Indian is to be Hindu; therefore, to be Muslim or Christian is to revoke your Indian identity.

With the new laws being passed by the Indian Government, CAA and proposed NRC, this is further proof of the agenda to segregate and dissect Muslims in India. Mass level genocide is being planned in India and as we speak major riots against Muslims in Delhi is happening. This is a reminder to the Gujarat riots of 2002 where hundred and thousands were killed. The violence is manufactured by the incumbent government.