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stop people in the uk from driving an untaxed vehicle on uk roads

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The majority of people we have spoken to say that if a vehicle is seen driving on Her Majesty's Highway then since the paper road tax disc has been got rid of, the police do not have the power to stop & seize vehicles that are seen driving illegally on public highways.What we suggest is that it should be changed from a civil offense to a criminal offense .The police should be allowed by law to stop & seize any vehicle on the spot and the driver of such a vehicle should be given 6 points on their driving. license plus a minimum £250  GBR fine there and then.If they can pay it there & then.  OK but 6 points plus a £250 fine still must still be paid.The only exceptions should be:

  1. Taking the vehicle to a pre-arranged MOT test

        2. If the vehicle is a company vehicle or an officially hired vehicle and the driver   of the vehicle had no previous knowledge of the vehicle being un-taxed then the company should be liable BUT if the driver already knows it to be untaxed then they are liable for all points on the licence plus any monetry fine incurred.

If the person who receives the said 6 points, already has more than 6 points on their licence for any other previous motoring offenses with points against them still;standing, then the vehicle should be automatically seized and either scrapped or sold at a government auction to recover costs. This should act as a greater deterrent for the majority of people BUT if the person is a persistent offender then a custodial sentence only and after this the person  must undergo further driving tuition at their own cost and re-take the full  UK driving license test.

The only other exception is that of an existing vehicle already registered before 1960 but everything else must apply such as insurance,MOT etc and the vehicle MUST be in a roadworthy condition.If you just forgot to tax it for up to 14 days prior to any offense occurring then as long as the offender complies with everything legally then the vehicle should remain in their custody as long as they have not amounted to having 6 or more points on their license already. Then it should be legally confiscated by the police and the police need to be given back the powers to do all of this.It should not just be the DVLA or its agents that do this but only the police. The present government have a present deficit of more than £80 million UK pounds which could be used to pay for extra police officers and also pay for other services such as roads/NHS & social services which are at present in need of more finance to operate correctly.  

It may also be a good idea to call it 'Lady J's law' as Lady J is my legal title.        

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