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Stop music and the arts being removed entirely from schools' curricula

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This year up and down the country, people flock to our great festivals and events, seeing inspirational performers of every genre. Fans coming from all over the world for the likes of Glastonbury and the BBC Proms. Now imagine a world without that. Many of the great performers we are so proud to call our own will have started their musical journey by picking up a guitar in school, hearing something in a music lesson or be inspired by their teachers to go and do great things. 

The way we are going, future for music in state education is bleak.

Across the country, schools are completely cutting music and the arts from their curricula, removing any opportunity for children to access this most important range of subjects.
Given that music is so important to so many people, its criminal to deprive children of the opportunity to experience music in school. An example of this is at a senior school in Kent, which has completely cut the department, removing all instruments from the site because of cuts made. The fact that children at that school will have no access to music at school next year is extremely serious, when one considers the impact music has on so many lives. 
This case aside, music in schools is drastically underfunded, with many schools simply unable to afford anything more than a few old keyboards. what kind of inspiration is that?

There is a remarkable hypocrisy with the government's enthusiasm to support projects such as Sing-up and the Wider Opportunities programme (now First Access), but total lack of support for music at higher levels, with funding being cut to the levels which it is.

This petition is for the government in order to fight for greater funding for music in secondary schools, and to change legislation to make the teaching of music in schools mandatory. 


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