Stop misrepresentation before it hurts anyone else

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Let's face it the media isn't always accurate. It doesn't always tell the truth or give all the information. And unfortunately, this leads to misrepresentation and misunderstanding. This can be devastating, especially to people in minority groups. People form false stereotypes about certain groups and will treat them unfairly just because the media left out all the facts that actually mattered.

You may think the media can't lie but when was the last time you were watching the news and actually checked any of the facts? 

This has to change. If you sign this petition you will not only be helping people in minority groups, but you will also be helping everyone else to have a better understanding of the world.

what we want to happen: there needs to be more responsibility put on the media to represent people more fairly and to give a more complete picture. There should be more checks in place to make sure the media isn't lying or deliberately withholding information to suit their opinion.

If you don't sign this petition, nothing will change. The media will continue to say whatever it wants without being held accountable for it.

Don't you want the younger generation to grow up in a world where they are accepted for who they are, not hated for what the media presents them as?

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