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Stop messing with the UK's Internet!

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We demand the UK government immediately abandon all current attempts to regulate and censor the Internet in the UK. It is clear you do not understand what you are doing.

We do not dispute the advent of the Internet has raised some new and serious issues but MPs on all sides have shown themselves to be grossly ignorant of it's mechanics and realities. The recent proposals to further censor and regulate the Internet present a grave danger to Britain's high tech industry and population while completely failing to address the problems they use to justify their action.

Terrorism, child abuse and organized crime all existed before the Internet and will continue be a problem for humanity even if we do succeed in becoming "the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the Internet" - a title we will currently need to take from China or North Korea. In particular current proposals to ban unbreakable encryption and mandate "back doors" massively weakens the nations "cyber security" at a time when we desperately need to strengthen it. Unbreakable end-to-end encryption is the best tool available for protecting ourselves from fraud, theft, cyber espionage, identity theft and other forms of cyber attack, it is folly on a breathtaking scale to ban ourselves from using it when it is, and will always be in the public domain and therefore always freely available to our enemies.

To advise parliament on these issues we propose the founding of a full Royal Commission, taking evidence from IT experts, British businesses and British citizens. The commission would investigate the appropriate scope and limits of Internet regulation in the UK, establish which means are to be preferred and which are to be avoided, and clarify and codify British citizens and businesses "digital rights", ideally in the form of a succinct Digital Bill of Rights. We propose a complete cross-party moratorium on Internet legislation until the Commission reports and call on members of all parties to pledge to respect it's core findings.

The Internet is much too important to leave in the hands of MPs who are not even close to understanding the technology. To do so is akin to letting children play with matches. If we are not careful we will soon legislate ourselves into a dangerous digital backwater at huge cost to our liberty, economy and safety.

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