Stop mandatory Covid Vaccinations in the NHS

Stop mandatory Covid Vaccinations in the NHS

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Started by David Whittington

Please stop Parliament's mandatory vaccination of NHS staff.

The NHS is already under a huge strain from being under staffed and under funded.The UK government has now decided to sack all unvaccinated front line NHS staff who want to observe their human rights, which will put countless lives at risk from longer waiting times for lifesaving treatment.

Unvaccinated AND vaccinated front line staff should have a daily PCR test to keep patients safe and keep our much needed NHS staff working. This would work better as vaccinated can still catch and spread this terrible disease.

My wife Sabina has worked as an NHS Senior Physiotherapist for 16 years with often no sick days at all. She genuinely cares about people getting better and works sometimes until 7pm in her own time catching up with her massive workload.

She will now be sacked in March 2022 because of her human right not to be vaccinated until such time as she feels safe with the vaccine.

If you value our NHS and the health of your loved ones, please sign and share my petition.

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David Whittington

86 have signed. Let’s get to 100!