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Stop making terrorists famous

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Terrorists should never be named.

Terrorists should never have their images beamed into our homes or on our newspapers.

Whilst we will never understand the reasons why someone would want to harm innocent people, I believe anything we can do to disable terrorism is a good thing.

So if we give terrorists one less reason to cause misery in the world then we need to do it.  By not releasing any details about their name or their images then I believe it might just help prevent the next potential murderer to realise they will never gain the infamy that perhaps they crave, they won't get their name all over the press, their image will not be beamed into millions of homes.  Their name and their image will be discarded, they will not have any recognition.

I call on the UK Government to pass legislation to prevent the dissemination of terrorist names and images.

Our focus should be on prevention, those that survive and the memories of those that have past.

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