LOWER the referral threshold to protect innocent families from Social Services involvement

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It has come to my attention that many families are being unfairly treated by childrens social services. These so called professionals are supposed to help, support & protect families, however, on a lot of occasions they are abusing their powers and making case files through their own assumptions and not factual evidence. This politically correct country we are living in is to blame for this; unfortunately your life is not your own anymore. Years ago the police would not even get involved with an argument between husband & wife classing it as 'only a domestic' now they get involved which I don't dispute as some people do need support, however, if you have children it automatically raises a referral to social care whether the children are present at the argument or not. Same with schools, making referrals if your child attends school upset one day, if your child is not behaving in school or if your child is absent for a day etc. The reasons for referrals needs to be corrected asap before more children like Baby P continue to be missed by social care as they are too busy investigating and using important resources/taxpayers money to intrude in to innocent families lives and cause much distress to all involved.

The rise in referrals is up according to statistical analysis by the University of the West of England, child protection referrals have risen by 297% since the Children Act came into force 23 years ago, and assessments by social services have risen by 359%. The proportion of cases in which abuse was identified has plummeted from 24% to just under 8%.

This speaks for itself, referrals up, assessments up but actual abuse cases down. So why do we hear about more and more children dying or being seriously injured or abused & neglected? Because social care are using all their resources on unneeded referrals from police, health officials, schools etc who are abusing their powers and positions of trust!

This needs to stop! Please sign & share so we can help to lower the threshold for risk assessments. Protect our innocent families and save resources for real abuse cases.

Thank you for your support.


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