Stop forced DNR's from UK doctors to critically ill patients in response to COVID-19

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People who have life limiting conditions such as : heart disease, cystic fibrosis, terminal cancer or neurological conditions, and their families, are receiving letters from their local GP's requesting they sign a DNR / DNACPR. They are being advised NOT to call for emergency services should they contract COVID-19 or present symptoms associated with the virus, as the ventilators/ beds/ hospital services and staff are required to care for "younger and fitter patients who are more likely to survive". 

This is an injustice and is quite simply cruel. It is stating that one individuals life is not worth that of another. 

Imagine you have already been given the blow of your closest family member or friend (or yourself) being critically ill, perhaps their/your whole life, having the daily battle of overcoming the struggles of a life limiting , debilitating illness. To then be advised by the services who are there to care for you in your time of need, that your life is no longer worth fighting for. You would lose every ounce of hope, and perhaps the motivation to continue the fight. 

People with illnesses are still people. People with illnesses still have loved ones, family, hopes and dreams, they still have a reason to live. We should not abandon them at this very difficult time, nor ever. 

Please sign this petition to have the government put a stop to families / those affected receiving these terrible letters, and also being asked privately to sign such letters. In this time of need we cannot give up on those who need us.


*not every Doctors surgery is doing this. By signing this you are not negating the hard work that our NHS and doctors/nurses/caregivers provide throughout this difficult time and always. But we must stop the ones who are and make them see reason.