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Stop Forced Adoption In U.K.-Baby Riley Has Parents That Adore Him!!

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  • Baby Riley was born on the 12/11/2016 to His Parents Ryan Turner and Georgina Blackwell. Ryan and Georgina's lives changed that day as they had given birth to a little boy whom they loved very much and knew instantly he was their world. 

Fast Forward a few months and Social Services/ The Courts are now saying Riley will be adopted soon due to both Ryan and Georgina's PASTS :-with batteling a number of things - mainly Mental Health (which has been addressed). Both parents were given a list of things they needed to do in order to keep custody of their Son and every one was completed. They both went on many courses they were advised to go on and also took part in more volentarily.

Ryan and Georgina have been fighting since before Riley was even born and aren't prepared to give up now.

They have been given 28 days to appeal the decision and this is one of the steps in acknowledging that and doing anything they can to stop the worst possible outcome going ahead. Both Parents have had no help from professionals Nor guidance or support! Both Parents haven't been given a chance to show how much they've both changed in order to give Riley the best life possible -WITH HIS BIOLOGICAL PARENTS.

The UK government is the only government within the EU that allows the removal and the ending of the parental ties of a child with their natural parents by a judge in a secret court room
Which then leads to forced adoption of this child
A child has a right under article 8 of the human rights act to family life with  there natural parents (of course not if the child has been physically or sexually harmed in any way ) and the government has a duty of care by keeping families together by all means
The UK government is the only government within the EU who also remove children from parents based upon future emotional harm and this is a prediction for which Local Authorities use and the said child in some cases has never been harmed either sexually or physically by either parent
The ECHR does not recognise this justification for a removal of a child as no one can predict anything in the future
The child's right for which the UK government signed to agree to also is never taken into account
these are
Article 4 (Protection of rights):
Article 5 (Parental guidance):
Article 8 (Preservation of identity)
Article 7 (Registration, name, nationality,care)
Article9 (Separation from parents):
Article 18 (Parental responsibilities; state assistance):
Please sign this petition for which we request the UK government to stop FORCED ADOPTION and removal of children based on FUTURE EMOTIONAL HARM and for once abide by THE CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD in this case for the Professionals to work alongside Rileys Parents in providing him with a loving life with the two people whom love him the most....HIS PARENTS.

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