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Stop Cadbury airbrushing Easter from the Annual Easter Egg hunt

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Cadbury Plc and the National Trust recently decided to airbrush Easter out of the Annual Easter Egg Hunt which was created by the founder of Cadbury himself John Cadbury to commemorate the Christian annual festivity EASTER a festivity which is very significant to the Christian faith and the reason for the celebration of the death of Jesus Christ.

How far can we allow these political correctness to go and continue to disrespect people of Christian Faith and I believe the Christian Religion has been specifically targeted by corporations like Cadbury and The National Trust. The time is right for people to boycott this Easter Egg Hunt and stop visiting National Trust sites until Cadbury and The National Trust stops this act of disrespect to Christianity. I see this as very offensive to the Christian Faith as all around the world even for those that is of non-Christian faith do believe in what this season stands for for the Christians and respects it for Christians  and I think it should  be respected just as we respect the Jewsish Passover and the Chinese New Year etc. Why can't Christian festivities like Easter, Christmas and The Nativity remain undiluted by unnecessary interventions by companies like these. The last time I checked Britain is still a Christian state and I don't think this will happen in countries where other religions were predominant with their religious festivals.

If you believe that this is a crafty and calculated bid to dishonour and disrespect the Christian faith and it's old time tradition please join me to petition against this senseless bid by Cadbury and The National Trust because if this is not addressed other companies and organisations will have the leverage to continue in this senseless offensive behaviour. This has to stop and NOW.

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