Stop bullying, discrimination and harassment of people with mental illness

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I feel it is high time that laws relating to discrimination and harassment were updated to be fairer to people suffering from mental disabilities and illness.

Mental illness affects most people at some point in their lives, we all know someone who suffers from it, be it a friend or relative with post natal depression, problems in old age, social anxiety or perhaps grief over a lost relative, and other problems and conditions, and it can be a very debilitating problem for those suffering from it.

However mental illness is often not seen as a real problem and is still often considered acceptable to bully people about. We live in a world where because people can't see and don't understand mental illness in the same way as they can things like physical disabilities and other illness, they feel it is okay to mistreat people who suffer from it as a result.

Mental illness still has a sigma attached to it, and although in places such as at work it is considered wrong to bully people with other problems, mental illness is often not treated in the same way, and is not protected by laws covering things such as discrimination, harassment in the same way as things like physical disability and other grounds are.

Whilst I can recognise situations and roles which merit perhaps some level of caution with people who are mental ill or have a history of such, it should also be recognised that with help many people also recover too as with any illness. 

I think more should be done to protect people from abuse and mistreatment for problems and conditions which they have no control over, can't help, and didn't ask for, and to make people less ignorant towards this and more aware of the problems it can create. I feel that the current law is letting people down in this regard and it is high time and long overdue that this was redressed.