Stop Bullying and Harassment against Psychics, Mediums, Spiritual Educators. Make it Law.

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We need to provide safety to all practising religions and their belief system should be protected against hatred online and offline. Just like any other religions there needs to be a defence against harrassment and bullying and online.

Psychics, Mediums, Witches of Witchcraft, Wizards and Warlocks or Spiritual Educators deserve the same rights as Muslims, Homesexuals, Christian, Transgender, this list is not exhaustive, to be protected against online and offline abuse and be arrested and conditionaly charged for the crime or crimes.

Psychics, Mediums, Spiritual Educators etc have the right to practice or believe in their chosen field of work and not be seen as ' oh it's the industry you are in so expect it '. That saying in itself is ' oh well deal with it ' meaning: it's fine to abuse the faith of the above. 

They have the same rights as above and if someone is genuainly being abusive online and offline against their belief or business this should be an offence and taken seriously. 

So with your help we can start the application and could end up in parliament or even drafted up to be placed in front of pre - legislative scrutiny board. 

Abuse and harrassment is not tolerated whoever you are or whatever belief system you have.

Act now!!!