Stop Britain selling arms to Saudi Arabia

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We need to work together to halt the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. The Parliamentary committee admitted that it was likely that British weapons had been used to violate international law and Jeremy Corbyn pleaded with Theresa May over the end of sales of arms, stating that it is causing "humanitarian devastation" in Yemen, clearly detailed by the United Nations, and is an "immediate threat to our national security". We are all too aware of how dangerous these weapons can be and how much tragedy they can cause, yet we stand by and let our government sell them without a word. We can no longer be passive when people's lives are at stake. Our government tried to deny that any war crimes had been committed by Saudi Arabia and have recently retracted these claims - even they cannot deny that what they are doing is very, very wrong.

Please sign this petition in order to get the UK Parliament to listen and prevent more people being injured or killed, wherever they reside. Violence breeds violence, and I strongly feel that everyone deserves to feel safe in the country they call home.