Stefan's Law - Murderers to issue the family an apology before being able to be released

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Patrick Pakeerah, father of murdered schoolboy Stefan Pakeerah, only wanted a written apology from his sons murderer before his release. 

Stefan Pakeerah was 14 when he was brutally murdered by Warren Le Blanc. This was a premeditated murder where Le Blanc lured Stefan out of his home stating they were meeting friends. He took him to a local park where he bludgeoned & stabbed Pakeerah to death with a claw hammer. Stefan was left with over 50 separate injuries during this frenzied attack, an attack that has never been fully explained as to Le Blancs motive.  

Warren Leblanc is up for parole on the 27th of Janaury 2020. All Patrick has asked for is a written apology from Le Blanc to show his remorse. This is something Le Blanc is refusing to do.


Patrick states that all families should have the option to hear the words "I am sorry" from their families killer. Patrick states this would make a huge difference to him emotionally and help in this acceptance of his sons killers release from prison. 

Without showing remorse, and the true trigger for Stefans killer being unknown, Pakeerah believes the killer should remain behind bars. 


Patrick believes that if Warren is truly a reformed character, who is suitable for release from prison, then a written apology shouldn't be hard for him. Le Blanc should be accepting of the families wishes and want to ease their pain for the actions he took. Le Blanc should personally have accepted the repercussions of his crime, not just in the time served in prison, but how his actions have affected the lives of Stefans family, his friends and those whose life Stefan had an effect on. 


We are asking for 100,000 signatures so this petition has to be heard in Parliament. Where it can be discussed thoroughly and decisions made for all the families currently going through this process and for those that unfortunately will go through this. Please help us by signing our petition and sharing with friends and family on any social media platforms you have access. 

If parliament rule in our favour we could ease some of the suffering felt by many victims families.