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Since myself and my daughter spoke out about her torment and abuse in school and outside school about 6 weeks ago. I have spoken to loads of other parents and other victims of bullying including adults. Sadly I have not spoken to one person who have ever had a positive outcome when they complained about their situation to schools or education boards or even to the police. In fact if anything they themselves got treated as if they where the problem by being isolated from others while the person or people who tormented or abused them continue as normal.

It would appear that even when you speak up and reach out for help, it’s worthless even when the people causing the problem do get spoken to they still seem to walk away without any consequences to their actions and go on to continue the torment and abuse which is leading to far to many suicides among  our children.

We need to enforce a plan of action to these type of situations within our schools. We need a 3 step solution 1st warning is a Verbal warning with parents or gaurdians present as I don’t believe that they are always informed of their child’s behaviour. And if it still continues a 2nd warning is a written warning to the child, their parents or gaurdian and also a copy for they school to keep, as to make the parents or gaurdian aware that their child is still continuing this behaviour and the effects it’s having on the victim, and if again the behaviour still continues the 3rd is to be excluded from the school Completely. The effects of your child being bullied have huge ripple effects to the rest of the family and cause extreme stress and can even result in losing your jobs due to being called out continuously this happened to myself, it could effect your health your children’s health and even your relationships, and even worse could result in you taking matters into your own hands because nothing is being done to help your child, because nothing gets done surrounding this matter it’s not only the victim that is being let down by authorities but also the perpetrators as they are being given the view that this type of behaviour is acceptable, and that their actions have no consequences which could stay with them into adulthood, and then cause them to continue this behaviour in a work place and could result in more serious issues in their type of behaviour.

With this plan of action it won’t just help the children with this issue but also the children that are doing it by not just telling them it’s wrong but showing them that this type of behaviour is unacceptable but their actions also have consequences. 


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Josephine & Kara Clarke