Special Guardians & Kinship Carers to have the same support as Foster Carers

Special Guardians & Kinship Carers to have the same support as Foster Carers

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Started by Danae Glover

In the UK today, there are 180,000 children being cared for by Kinship carers. Kinship carers are family and friends raising children who cannot live with their parents. Their role is identical to that of a Foster Carer except the path is more often chosen for a Kinship carer, as their emotional attachment is the catalyst for the support and care that they ultimately provide for the children related to them.

Despite this, Kinship Carers are often subject to being pressured into taking Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs). SGOs move the majority of the parental responsibility from the Local Authority to Kinship Carer. This is marketed under the guise that it is better for the child, removing stigmas and promoting self-identity in a long-term stable home with family members who love and care for them. Yet SGOs also cut financial support at least in half, training becomes non-existent and carers are abandoned by the same service that initially asked for their help. After two years, SGOs are means-tested, yet the formula for this is nonexistent and can change from location to location, leaving carers and their children vulnerable to poverty and unstable environments.

Children in care often present with complex needs due to early trauma and all carers of children who are or who have been "looked after" should be entitled to the same support and training. If an SGO is really in the child's best interest then this support is essential for their care.

Thus, Special Guardians, or Kinship Carers with residential orders should receive the same training, and the same financial support that a Foster Carer would receive up until the age of 18. Help get our voices heard and force those who can make a change to do so by signing this petition.

We didn't choose this path, it chose us and we should not be penalised for it any longer.

248 have signed. Let’s get to 500!