Sierra Leoneans in UK demand an apology from British MP Neil Coyle, for fake news.

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Petition Title: Sierra Leoneans in the UK demand an apology from MP for portraying the present ruling government of Sierra Leone in bad light.


As Sierra Leoneans who are tired of bribery, corruption, nepotism, marginalization,human right abuses and relish developments in our country( blessed with so many natural mineral resources),all of which the government has demonstrated the WILL to address, in the interest of the people and country view the unjustified utterances of the Labour MP Niel Coyle as unfortunate and unsubstantiated especially, when he failed to take into consideration the possible ripple effects of such callous statement, on the country.

It is an obligation that any holder of public office must be honest,just, neutral in his/her actions and in taking decisions based on merit and, using the best evidence without discrimination or bias.

 However, this was not evident in his incorrect and unverified statement, about the ruling government to the British parliament. It is odd that in his capacity as an MP, elected by some Sierra Leoneans in his constituency , with the hope that he will represent them truthfully, by adhering to the seven principles of public life, could behave thus.

 Yet he did not see the need to verify his concerns with the ruling government, or better still his High Commission in that country before his action which, has offended many Sierra Leoneans residing in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sierra Leone and worldwide. They see it not only as a deliberate move to tarnish the good image but, to also undermine the good work of the newly elected government.

Therefore, as well meaning Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom, we demand an unreserved apology from Labour MP Neil Coyle from the very Well of Parliament. Because,he failed to note the sensitive nature of such an allegation and misrepresented majority of us on 4th September, 2018, in the Well of the British Parliament.