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Ordinary people are being treated differently and unfairly over minor breaches of UK lockdown rules

Ordinary people have been fined by the Police for going out to buy alcohol as that (debatably?) is deemed to be ‘non-essential’ supplies, so is against the lockdown rules. However, the rich and over-privileged elite, together with wealthy second-home owners, are being allowed to blatantly flaunt their position and get away with major breaches of the rules without being penalised by the police – they need to be visited by the Police, their lame excuses debunked, and duly fined (and not simply chastised and issued with a formal warning). Examples in the public domain include:

Prince Charles (when infected with Coronavirus at the time so likely spreading the virus), who with his wife Camila Duchess of Cornwall travelled to Scotland to holiday at a second home, despite that not being allowed under the UK lockdown
Wealthy celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey with his wife, Tana , and four children left London to spend lockdown in his second home in Cornwall which has upset local residents, who are concerned that Ramsay is putting local people “at risk” by travelling from London [a coronavirus epicentre with three times more coronavirus cases than any other region in the UK] to the countryside during the pandemic. The government has urged Britons to “stay at home to protect the NHS” and to remain in their “primary residence” so as not to put additional strains and demands on local services.
Catherine Calderwood Scotland’s chief medical officer who against her own official advice to stay in and to avoid all non-essential travel, has twice visit her second home (an hour's drive from their Edinburgh main residence) in Earlsferry, Fife, with her husband and three children, holidaying there and taking walks with their dog to a local beach [she has been subsequently forced to step down from her post]
Robert Jenrick the UK Cabinet Minister Housing Secretary just days after urging the nation to 'stay at home’, ostensibly broke the lockdown rules by twice escaping and travelling 150 miles from his London residence, a £2.5million owned townhouse less than a mile from the Houses of Parliament, and going his Grade I listed £1.1million country house mansion 'second' home in Herefordshire, where his family (wife Michal and three children) are staying [he also rents a £2,000-a-month property in his Newark Nottinghamshire constituency - which he bills to the taxpayer]. His official website does not mention his Herefordshire property at all, let alone suggest it is his or the family home/primary residence, as it only records that they live in Southwell near Newark, and in London

Furthermore, despite the fact that he has spoken at the daily Downing Street press conferences and is a key member of the Cabinet and had urged others to stay at home for "all bar the most essential activities", and all travel to second homes was banned, he has also been seen on his elderly parents' front lawn in Shropshire [170 miles from London, 100 miles from Southwell, 50 miles from Herefordshire] a week ago at a weekend, claiming the excuse that he was delivering medication and other supplies – some would say that the minister's actions were "idiotic". [The Government's guidelines  state you should not visit anyone who lives outside your own home, including elderly relatives, you are allowed to "leave your house to help them, for example by dropping shopping or medication at their door (THAT means NOT visiting them or being on their lawn)