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Seperate maternity unit for women giving birth to a deceased child.

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So as many of you know, pregnancy is the greatest thing a woman can ever experience. When you find out your expecting, your whole life changes. Your baby becomes your priority.. But then to find out your baby has passed away in the womb or is suffering multiple anomalies is heartbreaking. Especially knowing you have to wait a gruelling few days before your labour is induced and you have to give birth to that baby knowing you will never hear his/her first cry. I believe there should be a completely seperate maternity unit in hospitals for expectant mothers going through this traumatic experience as I personally had to spend 48 hours in induced labour in a maternity ward full of expectant mothers with soon to be born healthy children and all night all I could hear was babies crying, mothers in labour and heartbeat monitors of lovely strong baby heartbeats.. Knowing myself in a short while I would be giving birth to a child taken too soon. To make matters worse after you have gone through the labour process you then have to walk past delivery suites. You see mothers cuddling their newborns. They are ready to start a whole new life as a family whilst mothers of deceased children can not simply smile at others because we know it should also be us holding our newborn in our arms with our partner stood next to us smiling down at our baby. Mothers of babies who passed away before 40 weeks should not have to endure the pain of spending hours/days in a maternity unit seeing other people go through exactly what you had planned to go through. It is absolutely heartbreaking and if you are a mother of an angel who has gone through this experience I am sure you can agree with me. I dont want future expectant mothers going through a simular situation to go through the pain and suffering I had to endure. Nothing will make giving birth to a deceased child any easier but atleast if you have your own privacy in a ward where you dont have to face happy & overwhelmed parents cuddling their healthy newborn children then just maybe it will be a tad bit easier ♡

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