Scrap Universal Credit and stop putting families below the poverty line.

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Hi all i am starting this petition to try and bring to light the failings of the governments new Universal Credit system. 

This system means that you no longer receive housing benefit or child/working tax credits and instead get one lump sum every month. 

This system is flawed as the amount that you will receive from Universal Credit will be significantly lower that what you were getting previously. 

My family has recently had to go onto Universal Credit due to a change in circumstances and this has now meant that we are £500 a month worse off compared to when we were on income support. 

The powers that be have put in place legislation which says that is ok for a family of 4 soon to be 5 to survive on £500 for a month

I have written to my local MP and have informed them of the situation and asked for this issue to be raised and debated in parliament. 

The UK government has a responsibility to all of its citizens to ensure that they are not living in poverty and with this system they are failing in that responsibility.