Scrap the TV Licencing fee for good!

Scrap the TV Licencing fee for good!

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We live in an on demand world were waiting for a TV program to start for most people seems archaic.
People generally stream episodes via catch-up apps or through a paid for service from their Cable/Satelite provider. Some available only online like Netflix or recently BBC 3 (ironically). 

To command people to still pay a BBC issued TV Licencing fee for stations and programs they will never watch should be redundant. 

It is not comparable as value for money goes with any of the streaming services available on the market today at nearly twice the cost per month for a service a large amount of TV viewers no longer utilize. 

Opting out of a TV license is an option for some individuals but for the most part people still watch live TV on other channels.

This is not a bid to dodge paying yet another monthly fee, it’s in an effort to remove the anciently implemented taxes imposed back when one had no other option but to watch BBC programs on TV. 
Not only is it now just one of hundreds of options available to choose from, but in many instances it’s no longer chosen at all. 

This is a call to scrap the TV Licencing fees imposed on everyone! 
Give people the ability to ‘opt in’ to the service should they so choose.

Stop this Unfair and ancient fee!