Save our pubs!

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As a small business owner VAT will probably be the death of our company, this is a statement supported by the drastic figure of 29 pubs across the UK closing down per week! Currently business owners have to pay VAT on their total profit if they earn over £80,000. This means that businesses earning £81,000 have a net value of £64,800, whereas businesses that are not VAT Registered and earn £80,000 get to take home the full £80,000.

We are proposing that businesses, especially smaller companies, should get the first £80,000 VAT free, in a similar set up to income tax/ stamp duty etc. Instead of punishing those who earn more, it would incentivise more businesses to be VAT registered. This would encourage the establishments that are on the threshold to register for VAT instead of trying to minimise profits to be below £80,000.

By doing this, businesses in similar situations to us could receive around £16,000 extra per year, which would drastically change the business, and could potentially save pubs and other establishments from closing down.  

If you don’t want to see your local closed, please sign this petition and help us in keeping this integral part of the British culture alive.