make it law to keep cats indoors and add cats to 1988 road traffic act

make it law to keep cats indoors and add cats to 1988 road traffic act

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Faye Ardern started this petition to UK Parliament and

My cat was killed by a driver who didnt stop you can find my story on here

There is a petiton already to  include cats to the stop and report traffic road act 1988 but that petiton is different to mine as what I want is for the 1988 road traffic act law to include cats but under the terms that owners keep their cats indoors unless they can provide proper security measures eg a catio or fencing that prevents  cats from escaping their garden  so that owners keep their cats completely safe and prevent road accidents and to protect birds  and the rest of the environment.

people who are for the petiton many have been through what I have but there are others who are against changing the 1988 road act law mostly due to the circumstances i have stated and complaints that cats are a nuicense and that they are unaware of the dangers and run into on going traffic  and cause accidents etc, this is why I ask to make the extra law to keep cats indoors unless we have secure gardens where they cant escape because this will also protect cats from over breeding and it will keep them and everywhere else safe aswell. If both laws are put in place this will help the environment in so many ways and prevent accidents bereavement pain and suffering 

Around 230,000 cats are killed as the result of a road traffic accident every year, according to the most recent statistics available, published by the insurer PetPlan in 2006. Cats Matter believe the true figure to be significantly higher dated 7 Aug 2017

In a result so many cats are left to suffer in pain as a consequence and owners are left heartbroken with lack of understanding from society due to the lack of awareness,  I was not aware of the dangers and sadly it took to me to lose my beautiful Fluffy who was just 2 years old and very much loved, its a guilt i will live with for the rest of my life and as an owner I would like to raise this awareness and I myself am putting safety measures inplace, please help me try get the 1988 road act changed to add cats and also have a new law put in place to keep our cats inside unless safety measures are put in place to prevent cats escaping  to prevent more deaths and suffering for future on.

All domestic animals, under section nine of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, have the legal right to:

live in a suitable environment
eat a suitable diet
exhibit normal behaviour patterns
be housed with, or apart from, other animals
be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease this does not include strays 

Might I add that the Microchips are not reliable for our cats or us owners concerning accidents, my Fluffys chip did not work I would never have found her if i hadnt have made the right call, the microchip did not read as she was  frozen and many are put straight into cold storage it took me 2 days to find my her also the  micro chips are easily damaged in road accidents and wont read so micro chips are not acceptable for these circumstances


Im hoping that I can meet in the middle with this petiton by making both laws put in place, If this is not successful then leastly to get more awareness raised to cat owners and Drivers by being provided with information regarding cat road safety from vets, driving instructors and all other areas regarding our cats safety to give cat owners more knowledge about how serious the dangers are for cats on our roads is a huge importance so please sign thank you in advance 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!