Save lives, use Convalescent Plasma Transfusion Therapy for COVID-19 patients

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During Spanish flu 1918, SARS 2002, Ebola outbreak 2015, MERS 2014 and many more outbreaks Convalescent Blood Plasma transfusion was used as an effective therapy to treat patients as well as boost the immune system of health-care workers.

Blood Plasma from recovered patients is taken and transfused into people fighting the disease currently. Plasma from a recovered person introduces antibodies into their system of the patients with the ability to fight the infection. Blood plasma taken from one person can be used to treat 4 people and it is replenished in the donor in less than a day and they can donate again within a week.

Initial research has shown that this technique is EFFECTIVE and SAFE for COVID-19 and many countries around the globe are starting to treat patients in this manner. UK Government should be doing more to get behind this and ask recovered patients to volunteer and help save the lives of others going through this life threatening condition.

In a predicament where a vaccine is over a year away and drugs are still undergoing tests, we can harness this capability that nature has given us.