Save Britain’s Statues!

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With the recent tragic death of George Floyd, there has been protests around the globe, fighting for the Black Lives Matter campaign, and rightly so - all lives are to be treated equally.

Some of these protests, fortunately only a minority, have been targeting monuments and statues around the country for example Ghandi's, Winston Churchill and Edward Colston. In response to this Sadiq Kahn, Mayor of London has unveiled a new commission to review and improve the diversity of London’s public landmarks.
Whilst diversity is always fantastic news, removing our history is not. These statues and monuments have been placed as a memorial to the British history. Whilst this history may not always shine the best light on Britain, it is what made Britain the place it is today, a welcoming place for ALL no matter their sexuality, religion, or race.

That is why these statues must remain. These people are our history, and that is the keyword. We have moved on; we are diverse as mentioned above but we also are able to reflect on that history due to these statues.
This petition is not a matter of racism, this petition is to save the statues, landmarks and monuments of Britain been needlessly removed.