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#Rupertslaw Re-introduce Dog Licences into U.K. and Northern Ireland

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In 1987 they scrapped the dog licence, and brought out the dangerous dogs act instead. However, this doesn’t prevent, owners abandoning a dog after days, weeks , or months as is so often the case, it also doesn’t prevent animal cruelty.

By re-introducing a dog licence, you would need to apply PRIOR to adopting or purchasing a dog, thus making it harder to purchase a dog on a whim, as a dog is for life, just like a new born baby, which the birth has to be registered, so should a dog. Dogs require care, walks,feeding, attention, a safe environment, and above all love. By making people apply for a licence beforehand and pay would surely make them stop and think do they really want a pet.  Prevention of abandonment and cruelty is far better than a cure surely. 

A licence number would be generated after answering a series of questions, which would be designed to make you stop and think how serious it is owning a pet. A fee would then be paid and then hopefully the licence number could be linked to microchipping. 

It wouldn’t need policing as much, as all online and by having the questions and fee would surely be a deterrent to those that get dogs/cats on a whim without thinking it through, and prevent abandonment. 

Surely in this day and age, with all the technology this can be done, for God’s sake we apply for car tax online, passport renewals, insurance, driving licence and these are all for objects! Not a living breathing soul. 

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