Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs

Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs

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My name is Georgia Thoburn.

In 2001 my Dad, Steve Thoburn was convicted in Sunderland Magistrates' Court  of using imperial scales to sell bananas by the pound. He became known as the Metric Martyr.

The year previous, on 4th July 2000 he had three sets of scales of imperial scales seized by Trading Standards Officers. He was threatened with arrest by the two Police Officers attending if he resisted.

His case went to the Court of Appeal and was consolidated with other traders Colin Hunt, Julian Harman and John Dove  who had also been convicted of other offences related to selling or pricing in imperial. 
The case was rejected by the Court of Appeal in 2002 and then by the House of Lords.

Shortly after the rejection by the European Court of Human Rights in 2004 my Dad died of a heart attack. I was seven years old.

In 2007 my Mum. Leigh led the first call for a Pardon for my Dad and the other Metric Martyrs after the European Commission conceded defeat and abandoned the enforced metrication programme saving pounds an ounces, the mile and the pint. 

However, and despite this, in 2009 Hackney Council decided to prosecute 64 year old Janet Devers for using imperial scales and pricing in imperial. She became to fifth convicted Metric Martyr.
Only five people were ever criminalised under regulations long since abandoned but still remaining on the statute books..

My Mum died in 2016 shortly after Brexit and was ready to push for the Pardon again. Now the Government has recently pledged to change the law to allow freedom of choice for traders to choose to use imperial or metric, or both, something my Dad campaigned for.

He was a reluctant, extraordinary hero. a hard-working man who stood up for his customers.

It is now time to see justice finally done and my Dad's name cleared along with the other four convicted Metric Martyrs so I ask you to please support my petition to see justice finally prevail and for the Government, the UK Parliament and the Prime Minister support the call for a Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!